Re: AS based peer selection?

From: Guenther Blatzheim <>
Date: Fri, 09 Apr 1999 16:25:02 +0200

At 17:50 05.04.99 +0100, you wrote:
>I thought that was what this was for (from the 2.1PATCH2 config file):
># acl aclname src_as number ...
># acl aclname dst_as number ...
># # Except for access control, AS numbers can be used for
># # routing of requests to specific caches. Here's an
># # example for routing all requests for AS#1241 and only
># # those to
># # acl asexample dst_as 1241
># # cache_peer_access allow asexample
># # cache_peer_access deny all
>My apologies if I have misread it but it looks like those ACLs allow you
>to do what you want.
>On Mon, 5 Apr 1999, Guenther Blatzheim wrote:
>> We used squid successful over the years. But by now the domain based peer
>> selection seems to be to static to me. As an alternative there should be a
>> AS based selection as well.
>> What I mean is that only the domain is no longer a very good indication for
>> the physical location of the server and therefor for the selection of the
>> (right) cache.
>> For example I'm using 4 remote caches, 2 in Germany, 2 in the US. Because
>> my connectivity within Germany is very good, I disable the entire .DE
>> domain with cache_peer_domain for requests of the US caches. But today alot
>> of .DE domains are hosted in the United States. Even think about .TO or .NU
>> Domains. So this behaviour will becoming more and more far from optimal.
>> On the other hand we ourself uses a .COM domain and are German based (with
>> our servers in Germany too). So sibling us from Germany in the US is a
>> waste of bandwidth.
>> My last example are the educational institutions in Germany. They don't use
>> .edu or another good feasable naming scheme. But they are AS1275 (at least
>> most of them).
>> If I would like to direct such requests to a special parent, a AS selection
>> would be the easiest and most accurate choice.
>> Maybe I have missed something regarding an AS based selection, but if not,
>> I think it will be a very good feature for the future of squid.

Probably there is a misunderstand. What I suggest is to be able to use an AS
based selection with

            cache_peer_domain and neighbor_type_domain

In my understanding, this is not implemented for now.


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