Can anyone help?

From: Jon-George Hughes <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 15:20:44 +0100

        Can anyone help? We have setup a Squid proxy on a Linux system. We
have a leased line internet service provide by our ISP via a router. When we
run Squid it will fetch pages for a our client machine. For example if you
access yahoo and type cricket on a search it returns the pages with the
search results. If you then select a link off this page there is a high
probability that Squid will not fetch the page and will send an error to the
browser detailed a Zero Sized Page. If you direct the client browser to not
use the proxy server then it is able to fetch the page requested. Also if
you try and access the page directly (via the proxy) it will often fetch it.

        We have looked through the FAQ and cannot find any reference to this
problem. Can anyone help?

        Please find attached out cache.log, store.log and access.log plus
the browser error.


International Card Enterprises


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