Server congested (503) via proxy, OK direct (was: Can anyone help?)

From: David J Woolley <>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 18:14:54 +0100

> search results. If you then select a link off this page there is a high
> probability that Squid will not fetch the page and will send an error to
> the
> browser detailed a Zero Sized Page. If you direct the client browser to
> not

cache.log clearly contained nothing relevant

access.log contains a server congested (503) response for the cricket
directory, with the error originating from yahoo.

store.log ignored as unlikely to be useful.

MS Word document ignored as unneccessary security risk and
proprietory binary format.

Note that all attachments were labelled as binary but only the MS
Word one was and there was no information in the subject.

A possible guess is that the direct connection used less TCP
connections. Another one is that the browser used a copy cached
earlier in the session, as browsers generally cache more aggressively
within a session than external caches.

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