Re: Raw Squid HTTPD Accelerator ?

From: Joshua Chamas <>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 21:17:41 -0700


I would like to use squid as a raw httpd accelerator.
Nothing else. As security is a concern to me, I would
like to not compile in other functionality. Is there
some --enable-raw-httpd-accl compile tag I can use
to achieve this affect? I am not interested in ICP,
nor other protocols like ftp, snmp, dns, etc.

I have RTFM'd, including the build files like configure,
and I can't figure the best way to compile a stripped
down squid.

Another reason I would like to do this is to keep the
binary to a size where I can fit it on a floppy
zipped. On Solaris, I get a 11M compiled squid.
I know I can strip it, and when I do, I get a squid 500K,
but I would rather avoid the strip in case of a core dump.
My 11M squid only gzip's down to 3.5 M.


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