Re: MS Internet Information Server 4.0

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 13:00:01 +0200

At 01:00 PM 4/7/99 +0400, Arseny M. Rubanovich wrote:

The MS IIS doesn't do the standard password login but the NT challenge. Squid
doesn't do this.

>I have Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0. And I use proxy - SQUID
>2.2 I create site and set security - Windows NT Challenge/Respond. So if i
>load this site using browser - it must be prompt for login and password. But
>web server answer me :
>HTTP Error 401
>401.2 Unauthorized: Logon Failed due to server configuration
>This error indicates that the credentials passed to the server do not match
>the credentials required to log on to the server. This is usually caused by
>not sending the proper WWW-Authenticate header field.
>But if i don't use proxy - all OK.
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