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From: dave <>
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 02:01:30 -0400

This is WAY off topic for this list. It would be more in line on
another list. Try going to There are about 50
lists that are very specific for ISP related issues. They would be right in
line to discuss this.

BTW Many of these folks have spend hundreds of thousands of dollars
developing high speed networks...They have worked 22 hour days for months
even years at a time. They may have a few ideas that will open your eyes
about a freenet concept.

Best of luck

Dave Spaulding
President MVA.NET

Responding To: Henrique Pantarotto <>
Original Date: Sat, 10 Apr 1999 01:35:00 -0300
> Hello Squid Friends!
> I've searched the mailing-list regarding this question, and I couldn't
> find a solution yet.
> I'm planning to start a free ISP, and I wish to add banner ads in the
> user's browser window. I know many people think this sucks (including
> me), but hey.. they're not paying anything! ;-)
> Can anyone think of a nice way to do this?
> I have two ideas for this:
> 1) Add a banner (a "A HREF" tag) at the beginning of each HTML, or:
> 2) For whatever page the user requests, I create "dynamically" a new
> framed page, with the top frame being my banner, and the bottom frame
> being the original page.
> Please contribute with any help!!!
> Thanks a lot!
> Henrique Pantarotto
> Brazil
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