Delay pools not working correctly.

From: Benarson Behajaina <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 17:53:31 +0200 (MET DST)

        Hello squid users,

Last year (11.11.98), Martin Bene wrote about "Delay pools setting",
I think that his mail wasn't answered, and I'd like to know
which squid version will fix this problem ?

I tried to set Delay pools in squid 2.1 RELEASE,
but I had the same problem as Martin Bene.

His mail:

Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 23:24:12 +0100
To: Evaghelos Tsiotsios <>
From: Martin Bene <>
Subject: Re: DELAY_POOLS: How to setup

I've been trying to get delay pools to work all day; (reason: a single user
soaked up my complete bandwidth for a few hours by starting several
downloads of 76MB files from microsoft simultaneously, often canceling
after about half..)

however the results aren't really usable at the moment;

For testing purposes let's just set a limit of 6K/second for individual

delay_class1_access deny all
delay_class2_access allow net-dialup
delay_class2_individual_max 6000
delay_class2_individual_restore 6000

Now let's try it out.

1) Start downloading a big file (2MB) from a nearby server -> OK, as
expected the file is transfered at 6K/second.

2) While this transfer is active, try to open a few small web pages, also
on nearby server.

Hoped-for reaction: the available bandwidth of 6k is shared more or less
evenly between the outstanding requests.

Observed reaction: the big download keeps running at 6k/sec and no other
requests get serviced at all until the big one finishes.

This obviously isn't very useful since normal user behaviour is to keep
browsing around while a large upload is in the works; is this a problem
with my configuration or inherent in the delay_class implementation?

Bye, Martin

Thank you,

Benarson Behajaina.
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