Re: DNS lookup on every request?

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:57:53 +0200

Bob Snyder wrote:

> be forwarded on to a parent cache without doing a DNS lookup to
> validate it,

> I have what I thought should work using never_direct and
> cache_peer_access acl lists, but the web requests are still
> failing because of the DNS lookup.
> It looks like inside_firewall is what I want, but that's a 1.x-ism. :-)

never_direct does the same as inside_firwall, except that it does not
make things not matching never_direct go direct (always_direct are used
for this purpose).

> Am I doing this right?

You probably have an ACL in your http_access lines which causes the DNS
lookups, you your declaration of never_direct is not working.

> If this is the right approach

Yes, using never_direct is the right approach to forward requests which
can't be resolved locally.

Henrik Nordstrom
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