redirecting from 3128 to 80?

From: Azfar Kazmi <>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 08:41:52 +0500


I am using 1.NOVM.18 on redhat 4.1 [kernel 2.0.34.] All users use this
cache for all of their http requests INCLUDING those at local web server
[same box as is for cache.]

What I want to do is to redirect requests coming to 3128 [my cache port]
for local domain [] to port 80. How?

The reason I wish to do this is so that I could get accurate local hosts
logged in apache's access_log file. Currently, it shows
[since they use cache to access local web too.

Any suggestions?

Azfar Kazmi
Received on Mon Apr 12 1999 - 21:56:50 MDT

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