From: Patrick Kormann <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 10:24:17 +0200


Back in the Squid 1.x days, we were proud of the hit ratios it produced.
With squid 2.x (2.1.PATCH2 for now), something seems to go wrong. The pretty
table back from the 1.x days has gone, but where I find values that give
hints about the hit ratio, they are near 0, sometimes even negative.
I've set our proxies to use 10 Gigs of cache_dir, but the amount of used
space in the cache dir does not grow, it's still the same as before, when I
had set them to 1 Gig. So I purged the cache of one Proxy completely.
Now, it looks like this:

Connection information for squid:
        Number of clients accessing cache: 2498
        Number of HTTP requests received: 661732
        Number of ICP messages received: 3032792
        Number of ICP messages sent: 3032795
        Number of queued ICP replies: 0
        Request failure ratio: 0.00%
        HTTP requests per minute: 830.6
        ICP messages per minute: 7613.6
        Select loop called: 11158846 times, 4.284 ms avg
Cache information for squid:
        Request Hit Ratios: 5min: 0.1%, 60min: 0.1%
        Byte Hit Ratios: 5min: 2.1%, 60min: 1.1%
        Storage Swap size: 189 KB
        Storage Mem size: 424 KB
        Storage LRU Expiration Age: 365.00 days
        Mean Object Size: 7.56 KB
        Requests given to unlinkd: 0

Thats after about 12 hours. In the evening, we have well over 2000 HTTP
requests per minute.
But why the hell is the sorage swap size only 189 KB?!? It's like that since
yesterday evening and it doesn't grow...

PS: ACHTUNG!! Neue Einheitsnummer 0840 840 850 !!
!! Gültig für die ganze Schweiz !!

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