squid problem

From: Jon Fowler <jpf@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 16:38:04 +0800

Gday All,

I am having a problem with squid-2.2.DEVEL4. I have tried all the 2.2 squid
versions and the later 2.1 version but none have seemed to fix the problem.

I recently built a new proxy server with larger disks and the rest of it.
Part of this included going from a 2.0.36 kernel up to a 2.1.x , i have also
used 2.2.x kernels, and im now running 2.2.5 ...

The problem i face is for some reason the Swap size on my cachemgr differs
to what shows when i do a df on the system. I understand there should be a
way that i can have squid refresh its cache contents so that it should give
a true reading of my swap size.

Can someone lead me in the right direction as how to fix the problem.
below is what i am being shown ---

This is what the cachemgr says my cache is -
Storage Swap size: 1198327 KB

This is what a df on the proxy server shows -
/dev/sda1 6102328 2479083 3307167 43%
/dev/sdb1 6102328 2563934 3222316 44%
/dev/sdc1 4052132 2496411 1346075 65%


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