Re: Time on Squid

From: Joel Taqueban <>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 21:43:41 +0800

Thanks, I was able to change my time zone and local time to the correct time.
I still have one problem though. I have already changed the Squid time from
%T to %t from the src dir but still the error message still keeps on
displaying the GMT time.

  (edited file = /usr/local/squid/src/squid-2.2.PRE2/src/errorpage.c)

What's wrong, please help


Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> Joel Taqueban wrote:
> >
> > Henrik, I'm sorry but I did change the UTC time to local time ( using %t )
> > but still I keep on getting the UTC time.
> Is the timezone set when Squid starts? Try starting it manually from the
> command line.
> And if you hacked the sources (which is not neccesary), are you 100%
> sure you run a binary with your change in it? It is very easy to see if
> you managed to get your Squid to use %t instead of %T. The look of the
> dates are very different.
> %T: Thu, 08 Apr 1999 03:27:17 GMT
> %t: 08/Apr/1999:05:27:17 +0200
> The reason to this is that %T uses rfc1123 date format while %t uses
> common log format date which defaults to local time.
> It is left as an exercise to the interested to change %t into something
> more human readable. (another date formatting routine is needed).
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> Henrik Nordstrom
> Spare time Squid hacker
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