Re: Squid performance on the bake-off

From: Greg Stark <>
Date: 14 Apr 1999 11:32:45 -0400

Glenn Chisholm <> writes:

> People should remember that at the rates that squid exibited at
> the Bake-Off it would quite happily service 5MB/Sec. Which is more than
> enough for most Squid users.

That's certainly not enough for most people who want to run it in httpd
accelerator mode. I was hoping to as well, but having a server with a 100Mb/s
card and a T3 be limitted to 5Mb/s would be pretty disturbing. Especially
combined with the low hit rates people have been getting since most of the
site should be kept as hot objects in RAM.

I haven't read about the squidfs efforts, but it sounds like the right
approache. It seems if you want to manipulate many 4k objects in a fixed size
pool, it makes sense to just mmap a huge file and call write(2) on the 4k
segments you want to transmit. The OS would even handle keeping hot objects in
memory for you. It should actually allow much simpler code while at the same
time being much faster than explicit reads and writes to separate files.

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