Connection reset problems

From: Steven Sporen <>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 13:38:44 +0002


I've created a new cache server to replace our production server (Squid
1.1.22) with Squid 2.1 (Last stable release patched for mem leak)

The problem I'm having : we have 4 machines setup to use the new cache for
testing with different browser software (IE4, IE5, Netscape 4.09, Netscape
4.5) on all machines and with all browsers we are getting a lot of 'connection
reset by peer' from the browsers (Not a squid supplied error) I running Linux
2.2.5 with 4096 file desc (The default for this kernel! - just needed to update
linux.h) on an Intel system.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to narrow what the problem is and
possibly how to fix it? Our 'old' box runs fine with no problems, but we'd like
to move over to Squid 2.

PS. I searched the archives, the info I found mainly related to squid 1 - which
makes sense since it dates so far back, could the maintainer possible include
the date of the message in the reply from the search as it would've help a lot!

Thanx all for you time.

  Steve |
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