Squid stops responding on RH5.1

From: Aaron Baugher <abaugher@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 02:48:29 GMT

Hi All,

I'm having an intermittent problem where squid runs fine for a while
-- an hour to a month -- then stops responding to requests. The
system is Intel, Redhat5.1, 128MB RAM, 9GB free HD. Not much else
running on the system, though it does do IP masquerading for a few
systems. Load on squid is very low, around a couple requests per
minute. Configuration is for the defaults in most cases. Started
with 2.1PL2, then moved to 2.2.DEVEL4, with no visible difference.

The server ran fine for the first few weeks, without a hitch, then one
day it stopped responding. A reboot got it going again, then it
stopped a few hours later. It's continued like that since then,
sometimes running for a day or two before stalling.

I tried the suggestions in the FAQ (14.5) concerning Linux/RedHat: I
now run squid as user 'squid' instead of 'nobody', and I recompiled
squid with HAVE_SETRESUID=0. No visible change.

To be specific, here's what happens. Squid runs fine for a while,
then suddenly stops answering requests. There's no noticeable
slowdown before the problem. Five dnsservers are still running, as
well as unlinkd. If I kill the squid processes (and RunCache), and
restart squid, it fails to start the dnsserver and unlinkd processes,
and doesn't work right from the start. Only after rebooting the
system will squid start up and work correctly for a while.

Any ideas what the problem might be, or suggestions on where I could

Thanks much,

Aaron Baugher - abaugher@rnet.com - Quincy, IL, USA
Extreme Systems Consulting - http://haruchai.rnet.com/esc/
CGI, Perl, Java, and Linux/Unix Administration
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