Re: Squid stops responding on RH5.1

From: Aaron Baugher <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 23:55:38 GMT

From: Aaron Baugher <>

A follow-up on the problem I asked about yesterday:

> I'm having an intermittent problem where squid runs fine for a while
> -- an hour to a month -- then stops responding to requests. The
> system is Intel, Redhat5.1, 128MB RAM, 9GB free HD.

After more testing, I've determined that squid isn't the problem.
What's happening is that after running a while, the system stops being
able to contact itself on any port -- I can't even telnet to, for example. I can still contact the machine from outside,
so it only seems to have a problem talking to itself. I'm guessing
that squid talks to its dnsservers and stuff through local sockets,
and that's where the problem is occuring. I don't have an answer yet,
but I at least have an idea where to look now. :-)


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