Re: redirrectors and proxy authentication again

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 09:25:40 +0200

At 11:28 AM 4/19/99 +1000, wrote:

>I am also using proxy authentication and want to pass the username
>supplied when users validate themselves to the redirrector instead of
>the ident username.

I think they only way is to remove the ident lookup in squid.conf. In fact this
is not relevant anymore because the username you get from the authenticator
makes more sense. I'm not familiar with the squidguard so I can't help you

>This is so i can define rules in squidguard based on what user is
>accessing the cache.
>can anyone suggest a way of getting squid to use the proxy auth
>username when passing information to the redirrector rather than what it
>gets from an ident lookup?
>is the username associated with each connection cached somewhere in

The authenticated username and OK is cached for how long you configure. See

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