redirrectors and proxy authentication again

From: <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 11:28:19 +1000 (EST)

hi again,
I wrote to the list about a week ago asking for information on how
redirrectors work with squids proxy authentication.

I haven't as yet received a reply from anyone one way or another on
this one, and i thought I'd post again, giving a little more detail
this time.

i am using the squidGuard package with squid 2.1 patch 2 under linux and have a question
about the redirrector interface.

squid guard will let you define squidguard acls based on user name.
from the squid faq it appears that squid passes the username that it
gets from an ident lookup to redirrectors (in this case squidguard).
testing shows that if you turn ident lookup on then the ident username
is passed, if not a field containing a - is passed to the redirrector.

this is where it gets tricky..

I am also using proxy authentication and want to pass the username
supplied when users validate themselves to the redirrector instead of
the ident username.

This is so i can define rules in squidguard based on what user is
accessing the cache.

can anyone suggest a way of getting squid to use the proxy auth
username when passing information to the redirrector rather than what it gets from an ident lookup?

is the username associated with each connection cached somewhere in

please correct me if i have missunderstood how things work.

any help would be greatly appreciated one way or the other. please
let me know if this is impossible etc etc...

thanks in advance.

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