Re: Transparent, Proxy, and Auth

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 01:48:07 +0200

Gene Black wrote:

> Here's the goal: For my normal users, I just want to Transparently proxy
> them so they don't even know squid is there. But I've got a special set
> of users I need to authenticate - I'd like to filter port 80 on this
> group, set them up to use a proxy server on some port other than 80, and
> authenticate them using the proxy before they're allowed to utilize the
> proxy.

If you can identify this group by their IP address then it is doable
with the current Squids.

acl special_stations src
acl authenticated proxy_auth

http_access allow special_stations authenticated
http_access deny special_stations

This would allow access from the special stations only if they have
authenticated themselves. Other stations are unaffected.

Henrik Nordstrom
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