Re: Inquiry of Transparent Proxying

From: Gene Black <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 01:27:56 -0400

I keep hearing this bit about not being able to authenticate doing
Transparent Proxying... Naturally the normal proxy authentication won't
work, but... it doesn't take much thought to realize that there's no
reason the proxy server can't do it's own little authentication deal and
simply redirect the first (or any needed subsequent requests) to it's
own private HTML login that it requires before passing the request
through unmolested... Does anyone know of a product that does this yet?
Is there any work being done to add it to Squid?

Gene Black
3rd Wave Technologies

Dancer wrote:
> Joel Taqueban wrote:
> >
> > Could someone please be kind in explaining (in simple terms) what
> > really is transparent proxying (and is importance) and how will it work
> > for me? How about Proxy Authentication? I'm sorry I have read the FAQs
> > but I couldn't understand how the above works.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Joel
> Transparent proxying: Your clients don't change anything from their
> normal direct-to-the-world configuration. Your router, instead, sees
> traffic intended for port 80 and redirects it to squid where the
> connection details are examined and the request is rewritten as a proxy
> request and then processed.
> Proxy authentication: Your clients must supply a user-name and password
> in order to use the proxy. Their browser will prompt them for it. You
> cannot do this in conjunction with transparent proxying.
> D
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