Re: Inquiry of Transparent Proxying

From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 07:23:23 +1000

Joel Taqueban wrote:
> Could someone please be kind in explaining (in simple terms) what
> really is transparent proxying (and is importance) and how will it work
> for me? How about Proxy Authentication? I'm sorry I have read the FAQs
> but I couldn't understand how the above works.
> Thanks,
> Joel

Transparent proxying: Your clients don't change anything from their
normal direct-to-the-world configuration. Your router, instead, sees
traffic intended for port 80 and redirects it to squid where the
connection details are examined and the request is rewritten as a proxy
request and then processed.

Proxy authentication: Your clients must supply a user-name and password
in order to use the proxy. Their browser will prompt them for it. You
cannot do this in conjunction with transparent proxying.

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