Re: Disabling the caching of big frequently visited sites.

From: Stephen Anderson <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 22:02:01 -0500

I'm no expert, but it sounds more like a cookie issue than a Squid
one. Does this individual share this computer with other users?


On 19 Apr 99, at 13:58, Jake Schneider wrote:

> I have been running squid 1.2 successfully for about 6 months so
> far. I have a 200 MHz K6 with about 500 megs of cache and 64 megs of ram.
> Everything was fine until one day, certain users who use to
> track their stocks complained of bringing up others profiles. Immediately
> I thought squid. I've seen in the user docs why it's important how NOT to
> cache frequently changing sites like, but no examples or help on
> applying it to the If anyone knows how to not cache a domain,
> but still let it through I would greatly appreciate it.
> Jake Schneider
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