Re: assertion failed after a reconfigure

From: David Luyer <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 16:56:22 +0800

> I've just upgraded to Squid-2.2STABLE1 (Solaris2.5)
> When I do a squid -k reconfigure I get an assertion failed (0) in acl.c
> 1811. The proxy restarts (and doesn't reconfigure).
> Any thoughts?

You could insert a
  debug(28,0) ("aclDestroyAcls: type %d unknown", a->type);
  debug(28,0) ("aclDestroyAcls: (was processing '%s')\n", a->cfgline);
as a temporary hack to check what ACL type it doesn't know how to destroy.
Or you could read acl.c and work it out by hand.

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