acl - dstdomain - srcdomain

From: Ratkai Peter <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 12:23:56 +0200 (CEST)

Hi again!

I need to have a special access-list for my users. This is a corporate
netwok, so no .exe .zip .arj files can be downloaded by the users.
Some http queries use .exe extension in the address, so squid denies it as
well. Do you know a workaround for this?

I also have to create groups for my users for http access. I cannot use
the `src' statement in acl, because there are different rights for users
in the same subnet. All of them are registered in the DNS-ZONE, so I
thought i'll do it by the `srcdomain' statement. I have to control that
the members of group "I" can access sites "A","B","C", but members of
group "II" can only access site "C".

acl minimal dstdomain "/squid/etc/dstdomain.list"
acl minimal_hosts srcdomain "/squid/etc/srcdomain.list.minimal"

http_access allow minimal_hosts minimal password

I've tried this, but does not work. the file dstdomain.list contains the
allowed url's, and the srcdomain.list.minimal contains the domain names
associated with this group. I may do something wrong.

I've read through the FAQ for an idea, but found only the `alc src..~
statmenet workaround. Is it possible to do such predefined groups for
users, and allow each of them different http access?

Thanks, Bye;
     Peter Ratkai |
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