Please help......

From: MWP <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 1999 20:02:44 +0930

Hi all....

Ive searched around quite a bit for HOWTO's on this subject, but I cannot find any real useful docs.

The HOWTO's that I have found all say that to set up HTTP_ACCEL, I have to set "http_port" to 80.
When I do this, and start Squid, I get the error "FATAL: Cannot open HTTP port".
From what I understand, it shouldn't really matter if I set http_port to 80, as long as I redirect all http requests though the set port (with ipchains).

Now, if I understand virtual proxying correctly, all requests from my Win98 box (set up to use my ISP's proxy), should be passed on by squid, and then when the data is returned to squid, it caches it.
This doesn't happen though.... I'm finding that all requests made by the Win98 box, are being redirected directly out to the site I want to access (eg, not using my ISP's proxy). This is a big problem as I have a 200Mb limit/month on external non-proxy traffic.

And finally the question :P
How can I make squid use virtual proxying, and still use my ISP's proxy for requests?

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