FTP problem with 2.1Patch2 and 2.2Stable1

From: <jyyu@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:00:03 +0800 (CST)

Hi! Everybody,

    It seems to be a problem in ftp part of Squid2.1P2.
The output is only the parent directory when my users use
proxy to get intranet ftp site, NT FTP server. I reload the
same ftp site several times, then I got listing (all file names
and parent directory) one time out of 10 times reload, and it
it worse when the system load is heavy. But, I always can see
the file and directory listing, and get what I want when I
switch squid back to 1.NOVM.22. Since 2.1P2 perform much
well, I hope to solve this problem and keep 2.1P2 going.

    Soon after the 2.2Stable1 out, I also tested this situation.
Sadly, this problem still remains.

    Is it something I need to setup in squid.conf of Squid2.1P2,
and Squid2.2S1 ? Or something related?

Thanks in advance.

    My system: UnixWare2.1.3, RAM 128MB
                  Cache_dir 800MB+1.8MB for 2.1P2, 2.2S1
                                 5100MB for 1.NOVM.22
                  squid configure with --enable-dlmalloc

Best regards,
Junee Yu

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