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From: David Luyer <luyer@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 01:22:34 +0800

If these are really bothering people, maybe the list admin can help

O some smart-list based stuff I used to run, it detected messages
with subjects or content which looked kike unsubscribe requests and
bounced them (with informative messages, and sometimes with a copy to
the list maintainer).

Of course, this then prompts people to send deliberate typos of the
unsubscribe commad to the list, since of course the instructions
wouldn't be for them, they're just the list software saying it
doesn't like them and they should complain lowder.

"unsubscribe messages should not be sent to <list address> but to
<list request address> [... other useful info ...]"

"ah, ok, I'll send a "get me off this ___ list" message"

note that smart list actually matches/matched a number of possible
4 letter words in a "get me off this .... list" type regexp in its
attempts to keep unsubscribe messages from the actual list :-)

Of course, the list admin is probably someone who is far too busy
working on squid to tweak the list software for the next <insert
random interval in days/months/years>.

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