Re: Delay pools and Cache hits

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 1999 02:40:06 +0200

Petr Procenko wrote:

> Is it already possible? I mean, per day limits and/or per user
> limits, not bandwidth's limits.

Sort of, you can use any quantum for calculating the bandwidth (be it
one second or one day, delay pools does not care).

The trick when setting pool limits for limiting max download size and
not bandwidth is to set the max size to the allowable amount, and then
set the regain so that the same amount is regained in the allowed time

However, using delay_pools for download size control is not the most
user friendly. You are probably much better of by using a redirector
which monitors the log and calculates how much data the client has
downloaded, and redirects the client to a error page saying that the
client has used up their quota for the day.

Henrik Nordstrom
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