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From: Sergey Alexandrov <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 09:19:15 +0700

Hello Henrik,

HN> Sergey Alexandrov wrote:

>> Can I use construction like
>> acl AccessTime time /squid/dir/AccessTime

HN> Yes, except that the syntax in
HN> acl AccessTime time "/squid/dir/AccessTime"
HN> (included files enclosed in double quotes)

خي ! Another question.
Some computers neeed to have morning access, some - evening (for example).
May I :

acl MorningTime time "/squid/dir/MorTime"
acl EveningTime time "/squid/dir/EveTime"
acl FirstGroup src "/squd/dir/managers"
acl SecondGroup src "/squid/dir/dummy"
acl ThirdGroup src "/squid/dir/specusers"
http_access deny FirstGroup !MorningTime
http_access deny SecondGroup !EveningTime
http_access deny ThirdGroup !MorningTime !EveningTime

Where MorTime like this:

M F 09:00-12:00
S 09:00-15

Managers & others like:


Best regards,
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