Re: squid 2.2 STABLE1 and TCP_MISS rate

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 08:45:16 +0200

At 04:46 PM 4/23/99 +0100, David J Woolley wrote:
>> >From the refresh speed, I suspect I'm getting a cache hit when I do a
>> 'refresh' from Netscape, even if it is recorded as TCP_MISS/304. It sure
>> seems like the refresh is too fast to be going back to the server. Is this
>Unfortunately one can get a conflict between a browser cache and a
>public cache if the public cache doesn't contain the page but the
>browser cache does. What then happens is that the browser does and
>if-modified-since request, which misses on the public cache, but only
>produces a short response from an upstream cache or the origin server.

Unless you have told squid not to cache this sort of URL or if you have a small
(to small) cache-size it is not very realistic that the browser has cached it
an the proxy hasn't.

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