Re: squid 2.2 STABLE1 and TCP_MISS rate

From: David J Woolley <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 13:25:16 +0100

> Unless you have told squid not to cache this sort of URL or if you have a small
> (to small) cache-size it is not very realistic that the browser has cached it
> an the proxy hasn't.

The problems we get are:

1) when initially populating the cache, frequent URLs are already
cached in the browser;

2) we run with about 10 days of cache, if a URL drops out of the
cache it can stay out of the cache.

We're running a corporate cache for a small number of users - an ISP
would probably get rather smoother statistics, and enough people
accessing popular pages from cold to keep them resident.

Caching IMS would also reduce the amount of cache space required, as
the browser is going to cache them anyway.

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