Re: identd_lookup in config.sys

From: Dancer <>
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 11:37:49 +1000

Simon Bryan wrote:
> I notice that in my config.sys file for Squid that identd_lookup is turned on,
> the comments say that it is normally off. Under what conditions should I turn
> this on or off?
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> Simon Bryan
> Information Technology Manager
> OLMC Parramatta

When all your users are running on unix boxes that have running ident
daemons (or running on some either kind of system that has ident
services installed) AND you want the user-name of the user logged AND
there isn't any firewalling, masquerading or proxying between your proxy
and the users, AND you are willing to accept the minor performance hit
that the ident queries will cause, THEN you should have it on.

Semi-Technical description: A server recieving a TCP connection from
another host may query the ident daemon on that host in order to query
the username (on that host) that currently 'owns' the connection. In the
case of an intermediate proxy between you and the customer, this would
be the name of the uid that the proxy itself is running under.

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