Filtering out ads using squid

From: Filip Radlinski <>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 18:22:09 +1000


I'm have been using squid to block out ads without printing a "broken
picture" on the screen on my home internet connection. In squid v1.1, I
used the lines:

http_access deny ads
deny_info ads

"ads" is an acl. It replaced all ads with my blank 1x1 gif, and it worked

In the new version of squid (version 1.2 Patch 2), I changed the second
line to:
deny_info blank.gif ads

But instead of replacing the ad with the blank image, it sends it inside a
html page, so I get "GIF89..." replacing the ad, followed by the standard
squid horizontal line and "Generated by...". I know one way to achieve what
I had before would be to use a redirector, but can anybody suggest a way
without using a redirector? I like the way the new deny_info tag lets you
bypass having to use a web server to serve the blank image, and would like
to be able to use this feature.

Alternatively if I replace the ads with a blank web page that half-works
too. I tried creating a blank web page called blank.htm, but squid always
adds the "Generated by..." line to the bottom of every deny_info page, so
instead of the ads I get a horizontal line and "Generated by...", which
isn't bad but isn't quite perfect either. Is it possible to stop squid from
printing "Generated by..." at the bottom of certain error pages?

Filip Radlinski
Received on Thu Apr 29 1999 - 02:24:40 MDT

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