Re: Filtering out ads using squid

From: Tim Burgess <>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 21:04:19 +1000

> In the new version of squid (version 1.2 Patch 2), I changed the second
> line to:
> deny_info blank.gif ads
> But instead of replacing the ad with the blank image, it sends it inside a
> html page, so I get "GIF89..." replacing the ad, followed by the standard
> squid horizontal line and "Generated by...". I know one way to achieve
> I had before would be to use a redirector, but can anybody suggest a way
> without using a redirector? I like the way the new deny_info tag lets you
> bypass having to use a web server to serve the blank image, and would like
> to be able to use this feature.
> Alternatively if I replace the ads with a blank web page that half-works
> too. I tried creating a blank web page called blank.htm, but squid always
> adds the "Generated by..." line to the bottom of every deny_info page, so
> instead of the ads I get a horizontal line and "Generated by...", which
> isn't bad but isn't quite perfect either. Is it possible to stop squid
> printing "Generated by..." at the bottom of certain error pages?

You need to use the redirection funciton offered by squid. You can use some
third-party redirection software to replace all references to gif files with
a 1x1 blank gif. Look in the release notes on how to use redirection.


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