Strange ICP not working problem

From: Adam Neat <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 21:26:17 +1000


we have recently begun rolling out 2.1-pre2 on our devel network.

Our test bed node is a Linux PIII 500 with 512Mb of RAM running Linux (RH) 2.0.36

ICP requests come in from clients and our testing software, but, even though we have the old

cache_peer hostname parent 8080 3130 wieght=10

in the squid.conf, the icp_queries never actually make it to the parent cache.

The access log file shows the requests coming in, but it always says NONE for the result.

we've done all the usual mods like ACL and the likes, and direct TCP works (from a browser) but still wont go to the parent/sibling caches.

Any ideas? Are we doing something stupidly wrong?



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