Re: Cache manager problems

From: Alex Rousskov <>
Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 09:41:56 -0600

On Sun, 20 Jun 1999, Hossam El-Ashkar wrote:

> I suspected that it might be a cache manager compilation problem, or the
> web server. I tried it all ways. The cache manager on the same machine or on
> different machine (Solaris 2.5 on sparc with different web server). I have
> no other way to check for the statistics of squid other than the cache
> manager ( I even used the client supplied with squid but in vain).

So what happens when you use the client program supplied with squid and go
directly to the cache (bypassing Web server)? Also, does Squid stop
servicing all requests or just slows down the manager request?

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