Re: Referer logs, and a httpd logging bug?

From: tom minchin <>
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 02:12:59 +1000

On Thu, Aug 19, 1999 at 10:58:41AM -0400, Jonathan Roy wrote:
> Is there any patch of any sort to let me log referer info? We use Squid
> since our web server is kinda slow, and had a 10x traffic increase to an
> area last night, but without the referer data we have no idea where it is
> coming from! Quite annoying. If Squid could log to Apache's "extended
> logging format", which is standardized and supported by a log of log
> processing programs, that'd be excellent.
> Also, in the normal httpd access.log files, the GET parameters sent to a
> cgi aren't logged. ie: The url will be like "file.cgi?" instead of
> "file.cgi?area=1". Apache records all of the GET variables passed, so it
> seems like Squid acting differently isn't right...

There may be a patch for logging referer. As for GET arguments, they've been
hidden for privacy reasons by default, but in your squid conf:

# TAG: strip_query_terms
# By default, Squid strips query terms from requested URLs before
# logging. This protects your user's privacy.
strip_query_terms off

You can log in vanilla "HTTP" format if you really want, again in your

# TAG: emulate_httpd_log on|off
# The Cache can emulate the log file format which many 'httpd'
# programs use. To disable/enable this emulation, set
# emulate_httpd_log to 'off' or 'on'. The default
# is to use the native log format since it includes useful
# information that Squid-specific log analysers use.
emulate_httpd_log on
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