to RAID, or not to RAID?

From: Jon Mansey <>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 00:54:44 -0700


We're building a new Squid box for max speed. It has 6 x 9G Cheetas
in it plus one for system/logs. It will run FreeBSD 3.3.

My question is, do I use ccd, RAID 0, or something else to make one
large 50G cache dir, or do I let Squid see the individual disks? I
have heard that more spindles is good, and the config file lends
itself to multiple disks being defined.

What would give the best performance?

If any one has any background on this, it would be much appreciated.
Or if there is a good online resource for Squid hardware
configuration and optimization?


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