Re: 20GB IDE and Redhat 6.0

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 00:56:12 +0200

Clifton Royston wrote:

> Is there anywhere this ratio is documented?
> In section 3.1 of the FAQ, it implies that 512MB is only required if
> you have around 45GB worth of cache, and in Martin Hamilton's sizing
> compilation <>, one user
> reports using 16GB of cache disk with only 128MB actual memory.
> Has Squid 2.2 become much more of a memory user than earlier versions,
> or ???

My wording was perhaps not the best, and requires some explanation.

One of the Alpha 2.2.STABLE4 Squid servers I maintain with 20GB of cache
(1.5-1.7 million objects) and quite high load (130-160 requests/s) uses
little more than 300MB of memory for the Squid process, then the OS
needs some memory for disk buffers, network buffers and other
applications like DNS server, resolvers, redirectors and other
accessories requires their share. It all sums up to a well balanced
server at 512MB.

A review of the figures indicates that much of this may be contributed
to the 64 bit nature of the Alpha machines causing Squids internal data
structures to require quite a bit more memory (a rought estimate gives
~40% larger, more details on Monday). On a typical 32-bit processor the
memory requirements of Squid may be simething like 80MB less than this,
and if you don't run a DNS server or other memory hungry processes the
requirements may gain something in the order of additional 50MB compared
to this machine.

So for another CPU with the same configuration you may surive with only

Henrik Nordstrom
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