Re: SQUID 2.2-STABLE3 access.log Question

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 14:20:07 +0200

James Porter wrote:

> authorized user data fits in the SQUID log with no success. Is the SQUID
> standard access.log file omitting this data? The ITEM 1 line is from a
> .HTACCESS protected directory and yet I cannot find a user field.

Squid logs user names if the user is authenticated by Squid. It won't
show user names authenticated by origin server(s).

If you use log_mime_hdr (as you did) then every tiny detail of the
request and reply is logged, and you can extract anything from it that
is available in HTTP:
 * User names + passwords to HTTP servers where Basic authentication is
 * User names + passwords used to authorize use of the proxy
 * Cookies
 * Browser model
 * Language settings
 * What type of objects they got
 * When those objects was last modified
 * Type of web server used to host the object
 * The time on the origin server
 and a lot more.

The following perl fragment can be used to convert Basic HTTP
authorization information to plain text:

$encoded = $ARGV[0];
$encoded =~ tr#A-Za-z0-9\`/# -_=#; # convert to uuencoded
$len = pack("c", 32 + 0.75*length($encoded)); # compute length byte
print unpack("u", $len . $encoded); # uudecode and print

You may want to change the password for
which was encoded in your previous post, and therefore publically
published on the Internet.

Henrik Nordstrom
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