Re: Cache filesystem fragmentation = squid death!

From: Henrik Nordstrom <>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 14:32:03 +0200

Bob Franklin wrote:

> We're running 2.2S4+patches on Solaris 2.6 with normal UFS filesystems.
> [Although I don't suspect that matters.]

Solaris matters. The default block allocation of Solaris 2.6 can't
handle Squids random small object I/O pattern very well. See the Squid
FAQ and the man page for tunefs for details on how to tune your Solaris

You can set minfree very low, but it is not actually related to your
problem. I'd recommend using 2% or even less for minfree.

Henrik Nordstrom
Spare time Squid hacker
Received on Sat Oct 02 1999 - 06:45:52 MDT

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