SQUID and re-connecting dial-on-demand lines

From: Peer Oliver Schmidt <posde@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 17:26:32 +0200

Good day,

running Squid v2.2 STABLE 4 causes the following problem:

If the network users connect to the internet via the Squid proxy, Squid
causes the dial-up line to come up and Squid retrieves the data and delivers
the data to the network users. However, two problems happen.

1) After the disconnect timeout of the dial-up link happens and the
interface gets shutdown, the next request to squid does not yield a positive
result, i.e. no data gets send to the network users. The subsequent request
does receive data again.

2) After the user stopped working, and the timeout for the dial-up link
happens, the line starts again without any apparent data transfer.

I did do echo 7 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_dynaddr
I tried running with and without a local DNS server
If I use ipchains to do the masquerading, and do not utilize the proxy, the
redialing problem seems not to happen.

Any help is greatly appreciated. If I overlooked something in the FAQ,
please, just redirect me to the appropriate section.

TIA and best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt
Received on Mon Oct 04 1999 - 09:49:16 MDT

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