RE: Problems with choosing faster parent cache!

From: Bartlomiej Solarz <>
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 1999 08:02:19 +0200

At 19:28 99-10-08 , you wrote:
>I have the same situation here, and it's working for me:
>Compilation with:
>./configure --enable-icmp --enable-snmp --enable-htcp --enable-cache-digests
>squid.conf at proxy0 (proxy for users)
>cache_peer proxy1 parent 80 3130 closest-only
>cache_peer proxy2 parent 80 3130 closest-only
>Do not forget to setup:
># If your peer has configured Squid (during compilation) with
># '--enable-icmp' then that peer will send ICMP pings to origin server
># sites of the URLs it receives. If you enable this option then the
># ICP replies from that peer will include the ICMP data (if
># Then, when choosing a parent cache, Squid will choose the parent
># the minimal RTT to the origin server. When this happens, the
># hierarchy field of the access.log will be
># "CLOSEST_PARENT_MISS". This option is off by default.
>query_icmp on

It is enabled.

>If query_icmp is enable, did you see the CLOSEST_PARENT_MISS in the log.

I see - but always with cache_slow - never with cache_fast.

>I do not use proxy-only, because I believe that having the local cache with
>the info it's better than always fetching it from his parent.
>I have not setup weight because with icmp enable, the one from data will
>retrieved it's the one with the CLOSEST (best timing) connection.

cache_slow (6GB spool) is on the same machine as cache_for_users (0.5GB spool).

>Also I do not use no delay because I have not enable --enable-delay-pools.
>I do not have any use for it.

So I try recompile without it

>I do not remember why, but I have to not use --enable-forw-via-db.

So I try recompile without it

>On my connection proxy1 is connected to a cable-modem and proxy2 use a
>router to 2 ISP at 64K.

My connections are cache_slow 2MB/s, cache_fast 8MB/s

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