RE: Problems with choosing faster parent cache!

From: Daniel E. Visbal <>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 13:50:38 -0500

What I see different is that you have the squid for the slow connection on
the same machine, have you tried to setup the fast on this one, instead of
the slow one?. Since I believe the calculation of closest also include the
time within the machines, maybe this is making the difference.
Maybe you can be able to setup all three on the same one. (Faster processor
or dual processors maybe required, plus a good amount of memory).

I still think that it will better if you have the cache on the users
machine, you can try with the option "no_cache" on fast and slow. And have
the biggest space on the user.
# TAG: no_cache
# A list of ACL elements which, if matched, cause the reply to
# immediately removed from the cache. In other words, use this
# to force certain objects to never be cached.
acl alldest dst
no_cache alldest deny

Daniel E Visbal

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Subject: RE: Problems with choosing faster parent cache!

At 19:28 99-10-08 , you wrote:
>I have the same situation here, and it's working for me:
>Compilation with:
>./configure --enable-icmp --enable-snmp --enable-htcp
>squid.conf at proxy0 (proxy for users)
>cache_peer proxy1 parent 80 3130 closest-only
>cache_peer proxy2 parent 80 3130 closest-only
>Do not forget to setup:
># If your peer has configured Squid (during compilation) with
># '--enable-icmp' then that peer will send ICMP pings to origin
># sites of the URLs it receives. If you enable this option then the
># ICP replies from that peer will include the ICMP data (if
># Then, when choosing a parent cache, Squid will choose the parent
># the minimal RTT to the origin server. When this happens, the
># hierarchy field of the access.log will be
># "CLOSEST_PARENT_MISS". This option is off by default.
>query_icmp on

It is enabled.

>If query_icmp is enable, did you see the CLOSEST_PARENT_MISS in the log.

I see - but always with cache_slow - never with cache_fast.

>I do not use proxy-only, because I believe that having the local cache with
>the info it's better than always fetching it from his parent.
>I have not setup weight because with icmp enable, the one from data will
>retrieved it's the one with the CLOSEST (best timing) connection.

cache_slow (6GB spool) is on the same machine as cache_for_users (0.5GB

>Also I do not use no delay because I have not enable --enable-delay-pools.
>I do not have any use for it.

So I try recompile without it

>I do not remember why, but I have to not use --enable-forw-via-db.

So I try recompile without it

>On my connection proxy1 is connected to a cable-modem and proxy2 use a
>router to 2 ISP at 64K.

My connections are cache_slow 2MB/s, cache_fast 8MB/s

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