URL/Error 400 Problems

From: Ice World <icew@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 06:30:44 GMT


After making some changes to the conf file a few weeks ago (refresh
patterns) I have noticed a huge number of Error 400 messages from the cache
to clients. An example follows, what could be causing this? Its not the
sites as many major web sites have the same effect.

From access.log

  939536733.637 18 host NONE/400 1115 GET /images/splashes/woma
  n1l.jpg - NONE/- -
  939536733.640 1 host NONE/400 1115 GET /images/splashes/woma
  n1r.gif - NONE/- -
  939536736.040 30 host NONE/400 1103 GET /images/gr_sites_b.gi
  f - NONE/- -

I can see why the invalid URL error is being generated (no hostname) but why
is squid leaving out the hostname?


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