Q: How to notify a policy router about on behalf of which client squid is making a request

From: Christian Worm Mortensen <worm@dont-contact.us>
Date: Sun, 10 Oct 1999 15:27:52 +0200 (CEST)


I have a simple question:

Suppose the following happens:

1) A local client reqeusts an object from the Squid server.
   The Squid server does not have the object in the cache.
2) The Squid server opens a TCP connection to the remote machine which has
   the object.
3) The Squid server retreviews the object from the remote machine
4) The Squid server delivers the object to the local client.

Now, is it possible to insert a point between 1 and 2 saying:

1.5) The squid server sends an UDP (or any other) packet to IP adress
     W.X.Y.Z telling that the TCP connection that it is just about to open
     is made on behalf of the local client with IP adress A.B.C.D and MAC
     address ab:cd:ef:gh:ij:kl

My rationale for wanting this is the following:

I have developed a bandwidth distribution system for the Linux 2.2 kernels
(see http://monitor.dkik.dk/wrr). The system is able to distribute
bandwidth on a shared internet connection fairly between local
machines. Now, I want this system to be useable together with a proxy server.
And I want to account the trafic generated by the proxy server to the
client which has initiated the trafic.

Note that this accounting information is used to make a real-time
distribution of bandwidth. So it is not enough just to look in the squid
log files. I need to send a message to the bandwidth distribution system
before the TCP connection is setup or at least before any significant
amount of data has been transfered on it.

If this is not directly possible I will be glad to receive hints on
how it would be best to implement this in the Squid source code. Note
that I have only very little experience in using Squid and no knowledge of
the source code.

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