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From: wolfgang mader <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 20:06:39 +0200

Date: Sat, Sep 18, 1999 at 12:42:25PM +0200
Quoting Henrik Nordstrom (
> > > How does this reflect on the users. Do they have to enter a user id
> > > and passwd each time they access a page or only once during a session ?
> >
> > Once each time they start their browser and tries to access the net.
> >
> > > Does this mean that with my squid ( squid-novm-1.1.22-2 ) does not have
> > > support for proxy_auth ? How do I enable the support ?

Im just testing Richard Huveneers smb_auth ( a really handy piece of SW,
thank you for doing the work!!!), and Im quite happy with it.
(it authenticates against an NT-Domain-Controller which may take out the
wind of my local NT-Gurus,hehehe).

It certainly would be most fine, when the User/Passwd entered after Logon
to your local Domain could be substituted for the proxy_auth.
I think this is rather a problem of the browser than any Software running
on my UNIX-Box.
I simply wonder if it is possible.
This could be rather necessary when you are logging on to your domain using
an ID-Card , and you dont even know your Password.

thank you for any reply,

PS.: Thank you for creating such a faboulous thing as Squid, especially Duane and
Henrik. I hope one day, I can give back to the internet and its people what I got
from there!

We are but packets in the Internet of life.
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