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From: tom minchin <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 01:57:00 +1000

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 08:16:56AM -0600, Eric Surbey wrote:
> Hello everyone, this is my first email to the mailing list. I realize that
> this is a simple question, but I want to do it right from the beginning.
> I plan on setting up a cache server (using squid of course) with Redhat 6.0
> on a PII 450 128MB RAM, 8 gig hard drive (IDE). We are a small company, only
> 25+ people.
> My simple question is: when setting up Redhat 6.0, how should I set it up?
> Should I use the server or workstation setup? Or should I use the custom
> setup? If so, what size should I make the partitions?

If you're not familiar with the RedHat layout, I'd suggest making a trial
Server install and scoping out what it does (it'll layout the disk as
for a generic server), play with the RH Squid layout (/etc/squid for config
files, /var/log/squid for logs, /var/spool/squid for the cache).

Once you know how to do that, wipe it all and do a Custom install, make a
500 gig / partition, 256M swap and the rest for /var. Try and install as
little stuff as you can get away with (no X11, no games, no sound or graphics
utils etc).

If you don't use the RH Squid RPM and use the default Squid layout, you'll
need to make /usr/local the large partition (perhaps add a few extra hundred
meg to / to compensate for /var/log).
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