cant open http port

From: Gerald Martinez <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 00:13:42 GMT

Hi all,

I am new with squid, I have installed squid, my operate system is RedHat
version 6.0, I not have web server, I need an proxi and cache for my private
net with access to Internet.

I have serius problem, thes error messages is:
1999/10/14 11:04:55| commBind: Cannot bind socket FD 33 to *:3128: (98)
already in use
FATAL: Cannot open HTTP Port
Squid Cache (Version 2.2.STABLE4): Terminated abnormally.

in the console appear:

Oct 14 11:05:02 proxi squid[2736]: Squid Parent: child process 3025 exited
with status 1
Oct 14 11:05:02 proxi squid[2736]: Exiting due to repeated, frequent

I start squid in my inittab file:

sq:3:respawn:/usr/local/squid/bin/ < /dev/null >> /tmp/squid.log

My script is:

        export PATH TZ

        cd $C
        umask 022
        sleep 10
        while [ -f /tmp/nosquid ]; do
                sleep 1
        /usr/bin/tail -20 $C/logs/cache.log \
                | Mail -s "Squid restart on `hostname` at `date`" $notify
        exec bin/squid -CYs

What is my error?

Tahnks in advanced.... !!!!


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