Re: migrating from NT -> squid.

From: Graham Dunn <>
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 1999 17:28:22 -0400

I'm in the process of doing this ...

If I had to do it over to minimize downtime, I'd first make sure that all
the users are using a proxy.pac auto-configuration file (look at the
netscape dev site for details on this) that points at the functioning MS
Proxy server.

Then I'd install and configure squid and make sure it's functioning

Then change your MS Proxy server to use the squid as an upstream proxy.

Then change the proxy.pac file to point at the squid server.

Then watch the MS proxy logs and see who's still using the MS Proxy box
(i.e. they're not using proxy.pac -- there's always one user who you miss,
or fiddles with the settings). LART said user :]

Decomission MS Proxy.

I can't comment on the "Is MS Proxy better than Squid" as I have no
objective data to compare. I _like_ administering Squid better than MS Proxy
for several reasons, the extensive support on this group and my familiarity
with 'the Unix Way(tm)' in general.

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> yes, I'm sorry. I meant MS Proxy. I'm sort of new at this. Anyone had any
> problems?
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